What We Do

What We Do For You

At Mayfly we leave no stone unturned and cover the full reach of the Act, not just certain parts of it. That’s what makes us different. We provide you with a comprehensive report to ensure your business is aware of its obligations so you can manage them accordingly.

We focus on the “Why” of health and safety and tell you “What” you need to consider. Our service provides clarity and detail on the key health and safety obligations applicable to your business, by clearly identifying your roles under the Act and the duties that attach to those roles.

Obligations are clearly mapped to who is responsible for that obligation. Personalised. Simple.

Our process

  • We have been through the Act line by line and mapped which pieces of the Act apply to the different duty holders at your business.
  • We have designed an online questionnaire in order to determine which obligations are applicable to your business. Don’t worry, we are conscious that that there is a lot of legal jargon to cut through, so we provide background information so that you are clear on what we need to know, to provide you with what you need to know.
  • We ask a number of questions around the structure of your business, the entire scope of your business undertaking and what the day-to-day operating model looks like.
  • We then review your answers and compile your report outlining which obligations and duties apply to your business.

What you get

Simply complete our online questionnaire and you will receive your report setting out the health and safety obligations and duties your business has under the Act. Our report is centred around your businesses key health and safety obligations, but also outlines other important information including:

  • Officers (such as directors) obligations and liability
  • How duties operate under the Act
  • The Prescribed Risk Management Process
  • Health & Safety Representatives and Health & Safety Committees
  • Workers obligations
  • Others (such as workplace visitors) obligations
  • Your obligations to WorkSafe
  • WorkSafe powers & enforcement
  • WorkSafe guidance and any further legislation applicable to your business.  

We filter out the bits of the Act that don’t apply to your business and present what is applicable in a way you can interpret and use in real life. The report is comprehensive but easy to understand, which gives you a platform and reference point to ensure your business is aware of its duties, so you can manage them accordingly.

What we don't do

We focus on outlining what health and safety obligations your business has under the Act and why. Exactly how your business satisfies these requirements is for you to decide, which means you will need to take further action to utilise this information and ensure you are compliant with the Act.

Next Steps

To complete the questionnaire, we need you to first register and provide some details about your business. After payment, you will then be taken through our online questionnaire which should take approximately thirty minutes to complete.

We will then review the information you have provided and send you your report in both soft and hard copy.

It’s as simple as that!

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